“Obamacare must be repealed… Okay, you say you want to repeal it? Sign the pledge.”
- Rush Limbaugh, excerpt from Sept. 28, 2010 show

“Launched a week ago by the nonprofit outfits Independent Women’s Voice and American Majority Action…The hard political slog ahead could use an accountability tool like The Repeal Pledge.”
- Wall Street Journal lead editorial, Sept. 30, 2010

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Supporting HR2 to Repeal ObamaCare

The Hon. John Boehner
Office of the Speaker
U.S. House of Representatives
H-232, U.S. Capitol
Washington, DC 20515

The Hon. Mitch McConnell
Minority Leader
U.S. Senate
S-230, U.S. Capitol
Washington, DC 20515

Dear Sirs:

We, the undersigned, endorse and urge passage by the House and then the Senate of H.R. 2, the full repeal of ObamaCare.


  • Heather R. Higgins

    Independent Women's Voice

  • Grover G. Norquist

    Americans for Tax Reform

  • Drew Ryun

    American Majority Action

  • Mathew Staver

    Liberty Counsel

  • Josh Robertson

    Hoss Handyman & Home Services

  • Matthew Frost

    Green Meadows Veterinary Hospital

  • Tom Watson

    Fluorescent Maintenance Company

  • Pookie Jones

    Joshua Fields Organization

  • james mason

    Nebraska’s Tea Party Patriots

  • Heber Wayman

    Wayman Enterprises of America Corp

  • Michael Hannan

    CT Dist 37 thru 40 Tea Party Patriots

  • Debbie Baker

    Kansas Republican Assembly

  • Frank Krucek Jr


  • Patricia Butler

    Butler Eyecare

  • Timothy Bell

    Baton Rouge Tea Party

  • Monica Forte

    Antonio Forte Transplant Fund

  • Larry Wiwi

    Citizens First

  • Eric Joseph


  • Daniel Dye

    Advance Insurance

  • Dan Hollister

    Integrity Life Skills

  • Anna Kroyman

    White County Tea Party Patriots

  • Donald Hennig


  • James Derrico

    College Square Dental

  • Paul Anderson

    Paul Anderson Fin. Services, LLC

  • Robert Battista

    Ear Institute of Chicago, LLC

  • Lawrence Mc Phillips

    Van Buren Co. Right to LIfe

  • John Walsh


  • Joshuwa Baker

    Godfathers Pizza

  • Claudia Henneberry

    Ladies for Liberty

  • Jacque Martin

    Arkansas We the People Coalition

  • Christopher Claudel, MD

    Rivergate Dermatology, PLLC

  • Eric Novack, M.D.

    U.S. Health Freedom Coalition

  • Penny Young Nance

    Concerned Women For America

  • Gregory Conko

    Competitive Enterprise Institute

  • Alex Cortes


  • Donald R. Castella

    Republican Assembly Lake County, IL

  • Larry Cirignano


  • Susan Friederich

    Institute for Humane Studies

  • Frances Nuar

    Grassroot Institute of Hawaii

  • Brian Ahrens

    TCNJ College Republicans

  • Mariam Bell

    Bell and Associates

  • Bill Pascoe

    Citizens for the Republic

  • Colin A. Hanna

    Let Freedom Ring

  • Linda J. Hansen

    Prosperity 101, LLC

  • Eugene Bevers

    Tea Party of Cameron Cty, TX

  • Mark J. Block

    Friends of Herman Cain

  • Susan A. Carleson

    American Civil Rights Union

  • Mario H. Lopez

    Hispanic Leadership Fund

  • John Palatiello

    Bus. Coal. for Fair Competition

  • Deborah Owens

    Ohio Center-Right

  • Barbara Comstock

    VA House of Delegates, 34th District

  • Jim Martin

    60 Plus Association

  • Anthony Simonetti

    Stand With Israel (Liberty U)

  • Matt Smith

    Catholic Advocate Voice

  • Anne Smith

    Nat’l Assoc of Health Underwriters

  • Grae Stafford

    Young America’s Foundation

  • Matthew Storey

    Direct Interactions Inc.

  • Spencer Swann

    Colorado Canyon Signs, Inc.

  • Courtney Tynes

    Canadians for America

  • Sandy Wall

    Maypearl Chamber of Commerce

  • Caiden Cowger

    The Caiden Cowger Program

  • Jo Anne Huckins

    Tehachapi Hospital Foundation

  • Lynn Childs

    Coastal Carolina Taxpayers Assoc.

  • Joanne Swanner

    So WV Tea Party

  • James Brimmage

    Expedited Funding Corp

  • Richard Dawes

    Founder, New Kent Tea Party

  • Jack Tenhulzen

    Concerned Citizens of Clallam Cty

  • Rick Miller

    Republican Party of Fort Bend Cty

  • Ray Harney

    Parke County Tea Party

  • Aja Brooks

    Life and Liberty Lobby

  • Doris Shaw

    Paragon Remodeling, Inc

  • Roger Monson

    Newell Tea Party

  • Maricela Moffitt, M.D.

    Catholic Medical Association

  • Richard L. Gale

    Colorado River Tea Party

  • Jeanie Eischens

    New River Electric, Inc.

  • Dottie Feder

    Eagle Forum of Wisconsin

  • Ned Petrak

    Alliance of Retired Military

  • Carolyn L Clardy

    New Reagan Conservatives

  • Joanne McNew

    Tues. Laugh&Pray

  • Brian Geary

    Village of Williamsville

  • Cara Peggs

    Docs 4 Patient Care Indiana

  • Anthony Benedetta

    Lutherville Tile & Marble Showroom

  • Pamela Johnson

    Tea Party Indianapolis

  • John Richter

    Richter Financial Services

  • Donato Arguelles

    American College of Cardiology

  • Richard Moore

    WRS 912

  • Frances Currier

    New Life Crisis Pregnancy Ctr

  • Thomas Cook

    Eastern Shore TEA Party Patriots

  • Joseph & Cynthia Garver

    Grand Lake Patriots

  • Steven Wittenberg Gordon

    Primary Care Solutions

  • David Cole

    Republican party, NRA

  • Jason Brady

    Toad Valley Golf Course

  • David & Judith Keiner

    American Family Association

  • Chuck MacNab

    K & N Patriots

  • Vicki Arrington

    West Georgia Dermatology

  • Terrence Scanlon

    Capital Research Center

26667 Signatures

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